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Dr. Kotwal

Location Nashik, India
Category Hospitality
Year 2020
Architect InterArch Associates, Ar. Dhananjay Mahale, Nashik

Nestled in the hills around the holy Trimbakeshwar is this serene resort that will take your breath away when it comes to providing you with a breath-taking sight. Dr. Kotwal Resort designed by Ar. Dhananjay Mahale and his team at InterArch Associates is a unique and lush campus that is sure to give a memorable time.

The resort is designed to give a feeling of a farmhouse and make it more comfortable for the guests. The entrance is adorned with a stone wall that creates a sense of curiosity to anyone entering the campus. As soon as you enter, you are welcomed with a wide and open Verandah, comprising of the reception and the waiting area giving you glimpses of the rolling green lawns behind. This entrance Verandah also has a semi-open Osari where you can sip your evening tea while enjoying the view of the campus against the backdrop of the hills.

While you proceed further into the property, you are welcomed with an open Gazebo adjacent to an outdoor open-air Swimming pool. As you go deeper into the campus, beyond the Gazebo are the lodging rooms where customers can spend a night or two. The rooms are placed such that it provides you with the exact amount of privacy and openness that any customer desires. With materials locally sourced like the river finished black basalt for the floor and the random black basalt rock walls contrasting the rich looking Mangalore Tiles, this place is sure to give you a typical Maharashtrian aura. The planning of spaces too has been inspired from a traditional Maharashtrian Wada, where you enter the Verandah and are carried through an open-air courtyard and a water body to the interior Majghar or the rooms. To look for a perfect example showcasing how we can be inspired from the past to make these beautiful new designs, we now don’t need to go too far. As the saying goes ‘A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in’, and now you know where to go.