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Sagar Gadhave

Location Nashik, India
Category Residential
Year 2020
Architect InterArch Associates, Ar. Dhananjay Mahale, Nashik

The Lavish design for Mr. Gadhave and his family is an example of a truly graceful and Classic Residence. The client having their roots in the old city of Nashik have always had a soft corner for traditional culture. Ar. Dhananjay Mahale and his team at InterArch Associates have made utmost efforts to reflect these traditional influences in the very modern design for Mr. Gadhave’s new residence in the city.

The residence has been designed to provide every brother with a floor to themselves and their family. Each floor has been provided with luxurious interiors and elegant materials while also reflecting each of their styles in unique ways. Using materials like Italian Marble for flooring, Wooden flooring in the Bedrooms, Veneers for the furniture, a lot of eye-catching details can be found in the whole premises.

Every bedroom has been designed to reflect the style of the resident in it. Clean looks with a touch of elegance is what has been maintained throughout all the floors. To bring a piece of their heart from the previous residence in the old city, a lot of the wood used in the new house has been sourced from their old residence, making it the perfect design of old incorporated in the new.

While maintaining privacy but not totally cutting each other out, the residence is provided with an extensive open hall on the stilt floor, where the whole family comes together every evening to spend some great family time together thus creating a common interactive space.

As they say, ‘Everyone needs a house to live in, but a supportive family is what builds a home’ and Ar. Mahale has created just the right design for the space that the Gadhave family can call Home